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Posted by nuria_asha on 2015.02.05 at 13:05
I wanted him to say he wanted her.

I was terrified he'd say he wanted her.

He said he wanted her, but he cared about me more.

[Contentment as an insecure polyamorous person.]


Posted by nuria_asha on 2009.10.03 at 05:41
Current Mood: awake
"If never get what you want...  Maybe it's time to change what you want..."  -Nuria

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Posted by nuria_asha on 2009.08.01 at 23:17
"Justice is only rationalized revenge." 

Posted by bnate on 2005.12.01 at 16:13
B: I'm thinking of a question. Nate! Help me out
Nate: Doughnut?
B: Maybe
Spike: Pink, combonation of purple and white
B: Yes, Definately!
Nate: Yes!

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